What motivates me to blog. Writers block bring it on!

What motivates me to blog. Writers block bring it on!

Pen in hand or hands on keyboard but still no words! Blame it on the gremlins or face the fact that writers block is a reality I must live with as a writer? Will I let writers block outsmart me?

Asking for a friend will prove futile. One will say, "just write" , I don't need to tell you the kind of words I will have to hold back. Another will say, "just think of writers block as the spoon and there is no spoon". Who needs friends like these? "Why do I even bother with writing I am a coder", I explode.

I am explosive! Eureka! Weird and ironic, the answer is a question! Why? Hands on keyboard I am writing my why. Reading my why will make me never ask again why for I know my why! I am now blessed with a way! I will write!

I want to express myself!

Joy is me creating a unique and expressive piece that screams read me again to the reader and myself. Writing regardless of the subject can be a doorway into mysterious worlds. Who would want to miss such a journey? The alternative for me is hell, atrophy of my creative muscles. Nightmares of hands on keyboard but still no words because I have no ideas, my muscles are dead!

I want to learn!

Writing as I learn technical things will allow me to retain knowledge, learn to articulate my ideas and master vital research skills. How many times do we mistakenly believe we have understood a concept in our minds until we have to explain it. If I can write well chances are I truly understand it or can identify the gaps and am better able to eloquently explain it. I must write well, my future self is counting on it. I shall build a reference of learnings for him. Who better to remind me of complex concepts than me?

I want to teach!

References for self is good. However references for others is entering the realms of fulfilment, purpose, service to others and more. I will write to help teach others. If others can find value from my writings. If others will not have to get lost in a maze trying to figure out something because I found my way out of that maze, I will have joy!

Hands on keyboard but no words, will never scare me again! Now I know! I will not force to write. I will read my why and this is my why! Let me keep it short and simple and KISS you goodbye for now!

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